This is what our membership looked like when we met at the Gifford Medical Center Cafeteria before we moved to the Randolph Fire House. The occasion was Christmas Toys for Kids. We’ve since added a number of new members.

Here’a our current list:

Bill Bohnyak, Bruce Butler, Karen Butler, Sam Colwell, Jenny Cook, Zina Dana, Ted Elzey, Bob Fotta, Phyllis Forbes, Brandon Gorman, Susannah Gravel, Mario Hankerson, Larry Hart, Sonny Holt, Julie Iffland, Sheila Jacobs, Sue Jacobs, Jennefer Jolls, David Palmer, Pam Overstrom, Peter Reed, Mary Richter, Sarah Roberts, Tim Schroeder, Anne Silloway, Ken Vandermark, Wink Willett.